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"The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot (a physicist) has
some very interesting things to say; extremely good book.

Ian J. Lewis wrote in message
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>AJ. Murray wrote:
>> Is there any scientific proof for ESP/ telepathy and how it
>> --
>> Al
>Not as such (correct me if i`m wrong).... but,I am currently
reading a
>Terrence McKenna
>book entitled `the Archaic Revival` which gives
>accounts of amazonian `shaman` being able to
>experience `as a group` exactly the same visions
>as eachother  (after consuming a psychoactive
>brain stimulating substance called `ayahuasca`,
>derived from `bannesteriopsis caapi`))
>It is my belief that such substances `un-lock` a
>dormant ability inherent in us since t.i.m.  and
>that it allows us to access what Gurdjieff termed
>the higher emotional center, which deals with
>conscience and love; and the higher intellectual
>center which deals with symbolism and iconics.
>Hope I entertained if not helped...

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