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>Ohhhhhhhhh,  my! [...] but how you did it!

I notice he did not answer my questions, and feel fairly sure that
there's a bunch he is not eager to contemplate.

Here we have a proverb: How you call into the forest
it will echo back.

>Please explain the following:

>>billions of pre-Christian-destruction times

Before the Christians there was another religion here and in the
places where they call the day after Sunday  the day of the moon.

Their had also magic & healing knowledge, but when the Christians
tried to force their religion and burned or killed people otherwise
for many centuries, most got destroyed, and they did not really start
out here since about 200 years ago again in many areas.

After the 15th century the Christians also went to other many other
places where there was still knowledge collected since the dawn of
human time, and started to oppose and destroy the local
priest-healer-researchers / their knowledge.

After leading structure was killed or otherwise removed by the
"colonizing" (nice term) Europeans and the religious& healing system
destroyed, most of the culture was in fragments, and later on, after a
little brain-washing with European schools telling children that
Europe is great, because if a friend calls you first look when you
have time for him and can stick old people in homes and becaues the
suicide rates are so nice in comparison to others,
people were delighted and were realizing how dumb the own
force-destroyed remnants of the own ex-culture were and were heading
for the new system.

Not all and not to the full extent,
but basically there are lots of places in Africa, and quite some in
South and Middle America and mnay islands where the old ways &
knowldge were destroyed or of which there only remained fractions of
the knowledge that once was there.

I once was sitting in a waiting room and a woman from (South?) America
was sitting opposite to me. We exchanged some words and I was bored
and curious how linking headenergies with someone from another plae
would be and asked if I can show here something and tried to show her.
She raised her arms cross-wise in front of her (not realizing that if
I wanted to I could get straight through her arms with part of my
energies - which part of her ancestors might still have known) and
asked me to stop because her Christian religion forbids that.  
She was hypersensitive and knew exactly that I was sending while many
of the T.V.-computer electro-magnetic-storm-used Europeans might not
have noticed much of what I was doing if I had used the same power.
And for her it was something of the devil.

Christians told and some obviously still tell people that the senses
leading to magic (and the way Jesus healed) are off the devil and must
not be used but that people should censor their senses.
Here in my country we have a Christian govenrment and there they force
the children into their schools and try to brainwashed them telling
them that the other senses don't even exist (as if they had managed to
burn them out) and who says so is nuts.
In South and Middle America they did not manage yet to destroy all of
the knowledge, so too many people know and the Christians against
those senses know that method would not work, but many are
superstitious, so they tell them stuff about going to hell and so on.

I do not know how many tribes, clans and so on once possessed
knowledge that had been worked out by the intelligent of their people
for (tens of) thousands or years,
but I know how different some of the tribes are in some places of
Africa where I was, and just calculating 
about having several thousand tribes and someone tromping in with guns
and f.e.saying: Now this is Sudan, south Christian, north Arabic  
 is coming up to disquiting amounts of knowledge-destruction (though
at least there some fight - guess scars in the face have some
advantages  ...  ;-)

I do not recall the entire text but believe it referred to that the
other must have gone to thousands if not billions of points in time in
different places before the Christian destruction of knowledge
 to make the statement he did.

It was sort of making fun, because I know two substances with which
you might get "access" to the mammal sector (who the neuros call
basolateral part of the amygdala), and then there are A LOT of
substances where you get into the prestage of it, already getting hell
of a lot of signals from there with an odd force, yet not getting that
sector singly online yet (maybe blocking powers towards the other
sectors not high enough? Simplified basically the limbic system needs
to shut down/disconnect to be itself for that.)  And considering thta
one of the two substances was a natural growing one, I would not bet
my ...   that no one ever found out.
In many places they do psycho work with drugs, and though they might
not have had the idea to call it "basolateral part of the amygdala" -
a name that is one of my personal jokes about Western science  - 
it is known that you can alter the balance within the mental healer
and the one to be balanced with stuff, and a lot about what
alterations it makes is known and used by healers, to the point that
where in the West a person might be drugged for weeks or years, 
there a ceremony of a few hours or days is made and the person goes
home fairly content (and able to do tasks in society again).

To alter the balances on both sides and "program" alterations is one
of the high arts of mental healing of Earth, and to me it is the
dumbness of a Westie to not realize that those who have been using and
improving that method effectively for thousands of years might know
very well a lot about what changes and how to use that.

And there are differences.
I did not play long enough with it, and did not like it much, but
mescal seemed ideal for people with mental problems where logical
arguing is about as effective as trying to pull a resting donkey
LSD is useful for some who are logical amd who want to work on

I did not try any vine, shroom, bark, seed, herb and chemical mixture
of this planet that might change stuff in the basolateral amygdala,
but would guess that among the psychedelic ones a bunch of them does.

And I do not believe that mental healers of areas with several
psychedelic substances should not knwo that there are differences and
what some of them might be used for.

And it is sort of funny that someone studying the mind in the West is
that ... to believe that his branch is the only one that could have
come up with anything of importance and that therefore he can judge
perfectly what all other branches of Earth in all of (un)recorded
history or humanity discovered.

>>channeling-on-commands  [?]

I had a dream tonight, wish I could get that one together again,
when I woke up I knew that that was very important, to do with
explaining to someone stuff to do with aiming at and powering up stuff
outside myself and how I do it.

How about a fairy tale about your question and more, as you have to
understand a bit about me (though I could never perceive the temporal
lobe nor the brainstem, and do know what role they play in contex with
myself) :

Once upon a time there was a system that was between the brainstem and
the front of the brain.
Within the front half off the cingulate gyrus a lot of data was
running together, and that system picked out the ones of the broad
spectrum coming in that were of more relevance.

It did this by focussing on them and linking to the places with the
according signals.
That way amplifying them.
That way patterns could be powered up and they could also be stored.

Eventually for faster selection seeing and hearing "frequencies" were
amplified by colours and tones and stood out, the rest became less
important and often was not processed at all anymore, the front
frontal cortex (Frank L. shut up, this is a fairy tale) got bigger,
and areas of the cholinergic limbic system doing the picking developed
on, too.

So it came to the point that the cholinergic limbic system used the
front frontal cortex like a gigantic front computer & parallel
extension nets and enhancers  of the own capacities that were about
equivalent to those of a rabbit, 
and used the cingulate gyrus for playing with data in there.

...The "own I" turned from a priority giver for signals coming in 
(not just concerning out energies, but also contradicting emotional /
instinctive programs) and a lot of emergency functions
to todays power.

And now we come to the wild tales:

Together with the areas it uses it is one of the two gigantic CPUs of
the brain, connected via the mammilry bodies and the nucleus accumbens
to the other SEQUENCER CPUs systems.

Some regard the I-CPU as the guardian of all own and liked systems.

If deciding that with central power for some months something is run /
attempted, the "I" can see to altering axon,dendrite, ... and field
pathways and powers.  
That way if something is wanted to be channelled anywhere, 
if the access is there and strong by nature it is a question of just
focussing there and giving the according internal commands,
and if does not seem to cooperate as wished, then it can be tried to
keep building out ways to there, either axon or field or both, though
that might take a long while unless you cheat and take stuff like LSD
a few times to give the alterations boosting kicks.

(Though I am not sure if you can get singals towards/from all, maybe

...Why I was able to channel on occipital data to the parietal cortex,
and why it jumped on to the front though I had not intended that
(though I did not veto it, when it happened) I do not know.
Back then when I still could do brainsurfing, I had never been able to
perceive in the back half of the head, so I know close to nothing
about it, apart from what other people tell me.

And this was not like with some sectors back then, that I had the
feeling to being "into" the sector, but more like being distant-aware
of it, and not in detail.

In my words:
Basically someone was docking us on the white ranges (which alone I
can't use for connecting to someone who can't do them 
and know little about)
and inside I had tried to focus towards occipital on my and the other
side, and then I sort had it shortly (wish I could have gotten it
longer, would have liked to get more than just a blurry
region-impression), but it was like going overload real fast  running
alien energy  and me centrally focussing there. So I had the feeling
if I keep it limited to "staring" there I'd risk getting a headache
and damages, and therefore wanted to widen it and just shifted on a
bit more up (parietal), too, but then got the front as well, so that
the neo-cortex apart from the (motoric) sequencer's areas was running
the stuff together like a sensor helmet.
(I believe that that might have been the original function + storing
patterns - especially important ones - to recognize them again)

There are stages I manage to achieve when I raise an inner
Spok-eyebrow and think: Fascinating!
And that was one of them.

But I was not far from fainting afterwards, guess that was because of
energies shifted too far from my own settings  
because of running alien ones that strongly   
and me focussing there with that force, too.

Took them too long to balance back again.
Had to fight fainting for about 4 minutes.
 But the white ranges are fascinating.
The other one said that they are shorter waved and can transmit more,
and he is right in that if I compare it to the black ranges.

Maybe some day I can train my brain to be more willing to "run alien
energies on the white ranges", and then some day maybe even learn to
run them myself, then I'd like to try to repeat that one for longer
than a few minutes.

Would like to try thta one again some day in the future.

And I want to know why if I shift from occipital to parietal the front
pops up.    (Guess historically they once were one   in the time when
our ancestors maybe used "broader-band" data processing?)

Someone told me  the other way around  that there is some area in the
front that he needs to do something with(in)  to get into parietal &
some stage to do with parallel outer inputs processing.

...But as Frank LeFever is hating brainsurfing discussions and is of
the opinion that the neuro-room is his to say who says what, I guess I
better stop long speculating about channelling-on-commands and them
having reactions that were not planned indicating system links and a
historic base I find fascinating to think about back till ways into
premyelin-time speculations...

(...I guess you could name it different, "channelling-on-command" is
just what felt to be the appropriate word in the context where I used
it, as the sector was feeling to go overload having two brains
focussing on it and I felt I should distribute the strain a bit, so
that it is less strain for that area. Which felt like opening channels
to parietal and moving over to there, too,  
and when the front popped up along, afterwards it made me have some
thoughts I found interesting about parallel structures "catching
waves" and knowing their length and height and transforming them to
Not just transforming outside ones which might have been a rather
original function, but especially the front patterns of many other
sectors, including from me, too, the front storing mine, so I don't
just have the hippocampal area as base storage bank,...
But that goes too far away from the question...
though the channels from me towards there are fasciniating to reel
through when having been up front cingulate before, heehee.)


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