ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

Willem H. Rijks a9703595 at unet.univie.ac.at
Mon Jun 15 03:46:26 EST 1998

I am a medical student (PhD), and familiar with ANN. Now I am working on
the following thesis.
"Can psychotic behavior be explained by non-linear (chaotic) functioning
of the brain?" 
If you have a opinion concerning this topic,please let me know!
Also if you want to discuss! or criticize...
Or if you know literature...

For discussion purpose:
Suppose the brain is a complex intricated neuronal system. It works
mainly non-linear. Difference between ANN and neuronal (= biological)
networks is that the latter has to synchronise its activity. This
process of synchronisation can be described as an attractor, with the
information processed as attractor. In a psychosis one of the symptoms
is there are hallucinations, this would mean that attractor development
is produced without external stimulus. This is in line with the idea of
chaotic behavior; it depends on the initial conditions.
The fear that is charateristic in a psychoses could be the trigger be
changing slightly the initial conditions of that specific neuronal map
for that hallucination. By a Hebbian rule of synaptic reinforcement the
same dynamics would explain that the stress (stimulates synaptic new
formation) would enhance reoccurrence of the psychotic episode. And also
by the same rule it would be explained why antipsychotic medication
would work, and why it (when the medication was given during the
episode) also decreases the risk of reoccurrence of psychoses.

Please your commentary....

Willem Rijks

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