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One does not "enhance" consciousness. It is the same as saying enhancing
sunlight by ingesting substances. Consciousness is. You can alter your
perception of consciouness by the use of substances but not achieve
awakening through the substances. It is factual that the use of
substances can start one thinking in new directions and open one up to
new ideas and way of thinking, but the struggle to awaken CAN NOT rely
on substances. 

The objective of the Work is to crystalize in a higher center than where
we are now. This is achieved by increasing knowledge and being,
remembering and observing oneself and not identifying. These techniques
require struggle and suffering. The use of a substances is not a
struggle. It is a buffer. You must be able to think deeply about the
work and observe yourself without the use of drugs. If you use drugs,
try to stop using them and observe the I that is demanding them.    

You will find that false personality desires to use substances. It will
allow you to think about working on yourself in exchange for using.


Claude de Contrecoeur wrote:
> >In article <358017C6.5937 at clark.net>,
> >  jnoland at nospam.com wrote:
> >>
> >> Ian,
> >> The awakening of consciousness and the use of substances are exclusive
> >> to each other. There is not "pill" to help you achieve consciousness.
> This is NOT true. Work and chemicals can,both,enhance consciousness.
> For example,psilocin(e) can modify our normally monofocal
> consciousness into a polyfocal form of consciousness.
> This cannot be done at will,even with lots of exercises!
> Cannabinoids can enhance consciousness through a process I have termed
> la "rayonnance morifielle" or "consciousness radiation".
> But,of course you need to have DATA in your memory!!
> If you have nothing,you will get nothing!!!
> Claude de Contrecoeur

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