Effects of Psilocin on Human Brain...

DK cooper17 at nospam.xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 15 02:02:35 EST 1998

Although I agree with just about everything you said here about
the potentials of neuroscience (and I'd like to throw in quantum
physics as just as important), and although I do know rather a
bit about the science *for a layman*, I have to confess I am not
a neuroscientist--I am a science fiction writer. What is this
4th-way group thingy?


Ian J. Lewis wrote in message
<35829A10.C92BE721 at virgin.net.uk>...
>DK wrote:

>If its not a personal question... are you a
>neuroscientist? :-)
>I could to with regular correspondence with
>such a person... and their insight...
>I am currently trying to fuse McKenna ideas
>with Gurdjieff ideas - which is not plain sailing.
>The followers of Gurdjieff are most resistant
>to any form of information that has not come
>from the word of their guru - in writing :-)
>Gaia theory/fact is one such area for them...
>Seems to me that neuroscience is the bridge for
>substances taken in - and consciousness given
>out/experienced - in some magical/simple way...
>Ian J.Lewis

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