Intracellular Blocker of GABAa Receptor

Yasunori Hayashi hayashi at cshl.org
Mon Jun 15 22:13:20 EST 1998

I am looking for anybody who has experience with intracellular blocker of
GABAa receptor.  I tried DNDS as reported in J. Neurophysiol. (1996) 75:
2167-2173.  The original paper uses 0.5 mM in intracellular pipet and saw a
good inhibition.  However, I tried upto 10 mM (x 20) in whole cell
configuration but could only partially block the response.  Does anybody has
experience with DNDS or other blockers?  Any positive and negative feedback
will be welcomed.


Yasunori Hayashi
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
POB100 Cold Spring Harbor 11724 N.Y. U.S.A.
Tel : 516-367-8485/Fax : 516-367-8372

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