A Course on Conciousness part 2. Precognitive dreams and communication.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 15 15:39:29 EST 1998

> psi phenomena. 
What does psi mean and what are psi phenomena?

What is the difference between psi and magic?

> it exists and needs intelligent research and developement with verifiable results. 

With magic there are many who think that that would be about one of
the most dangerous things that could be done, as then likely some day
every idiot who is not far enough inside could try to play around with
technical devices imitating it, and possibly far more powerfully.
Why do you go away from the secrecy politics that so many have and are
out for releasing such dangerous data?

What are your opinions concerning abuse?

> For myself, I have proven it to myself and people around me when it spontaniously appears.  
What does spontaneously appear how?

>However, the fact that it exist randomly in that manner tells me that it is a mental ability that needs refinement and understanding.
Well, with magic there are thousands of years of research into a lot
of stuff, and though unfortunately you are not specifying what you are
referring to, I guyess as far as it is not too far away from magic you
might go to the cultures who did not forbid the according senses by
death punishment and instead researching them a lot.

At least here in Berlin many people who are interested in magic go to
places that are known for it.

But I do not know what psi is, maybe it is different from magic,
and there is some reason not to go to the "magic" cultures of Earth 
and instead remain in a place with many people of peoples where
magical knowledge and genetic material has been attempted to be erased
for 500 years with considerable success.

>I hope that something solid does come into science as this is a new
>frontier for human consciousness to explore.  

What is new about what you mean?

And which conscious sector(s) are you referring to?

You have a certain gift for vagueness, however it is not in the way of
those who wish to remain vague,...

>All it requires is a developed psyche. 
What is a developed psyche?
What would a person need to change in the basolateral part of the
amygdala and areas of the hyopthalamus and maybe concerning own
attitudes and connections, etc.,
to reach what you call developed?

And what is the context between the psyche sectors and psi?

> And I am no expert, just learning the hard way like
>everyone else. 
Concerning magic am not an expert either, because I am too lazy to
learn it the hard way.
By the way, who is "everyone else"?

>I need to see it
Find someone who can "see", then sit about 1 1/2m away, match
brainhalves, and though looking at the other's eyes, try to blend him
out and try to see ALL around instead, and let it go blurry.
Ask the other to "see" through you  on many different ranges.

>/ experience it to believe it.  And that should apply to
It does not.
I do not need to smell a skunk to believe someone that it does not
smell very nice. 
And the same there is a lot that I might not have the means or the
interest to experience it, yet if others tell me so, though maybe not
saying it is so, I believe that likely they are right.

> Hence why I have a techniques page 
Could you send me a copy of that?

>and I am freely instructing as best I can anyone who wants to develop these abilites.
In case you are ever in Berlin and I am, too, maybe some day we could
meet someplace, and then exchange a bit.
I can transfer into your brain head-energy stuff, maybe when you learn
how to receive  it might might become easier for you to learn from
Or if you are a telepath we can straight link inside and then go
"outside-energy-surfing" or if you are a subperceiver maybe even play
around in the brains;  I like that.

> You have nothing to loose in exploring your own self.

If in order to explore your own self you dock off the other sectors
for long times,  then you might risk that the connection power within
and to the other sectors is alterating.

Although you might gain pretty controlled connection reprogramming
powers eventually, 
be careful,
some consider it one of the ultimate games.
It is not some harmless little toy-thingie to do.

And when you know more about your own self, you might come to realize
that those around do not and call you crazy, and that there are just
very few people on this entire world with whom you can talk seriously
about that, mainly MBD(-autist) folks maybe taking LSD to segregate
further, and a few of the ones who took blocker drugs in high amounts,
but those are often too brain-damaged or not interested in thinking
about what they experienced.

...And in case you meant using parts of the own self the old way
again:   It is not just your perception that is restructuring back to
older ways.  Watch changes in the front frontal cortex (Frank, shut
up), own I- systems and basolateral part of the amygdala in others who
have been doing so for a looong time.
And watch out for that within you.

I don't know about you, but personally I do find some of those changes
rather conspicuous

And I do not believe it is chance that certain Asian collegues are
reknown for spending years of their adult life where they have the
working power to care/provide for the young and old, sitting there
watching people around drop dead, maybe calling it something like
"karma", and holding out some begging bowl to follow their way of
enlightenment unperturbed by working or caring for others.

(Not that we do not have people in the West, too, who get even paid
for doing little or for ignoring most of the world...
And not that some folks don't come up with highly interesting results
exploring different inner and outer stages...)

If you regard your own self like one of two great CPUs in the brain,
and you start to alter functions or connections,
depending on what you do when experimenting around,
it is not just like altering connections a bit in the  front cingulate
gyrus or other compatively harmless games.
On a level your own self is the central supervisor.

...But though I could never really subperceive within my own self  in
any way worth mentioning here, I must admit that I can see the
fascination of some I met in the past concerning exploring the own
and to "Carlos Castaneda's last secret": One can't just alter the own
clusters, but also transmitter heights, some of the hormone heights,
axon and  field connections also to other regions, and a few other
minor details that he overlooked, heehee... 

Being one of the two vast centrals of the head and having according
powers, gives you a few options, that most people never come to
realize.  ;-)

Wisdom on your ways.

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