A question - if this is the proper place for one.

Bob RRifredi at rocketmail.com
Wed Jun 17 14:33:01 EST 1998


I have experienced the need for movement of some sort my whole life.
When I was just a baby I use to rock in bed. I would get up on all fours

and rock back and forth. I continued this until I was about 11 when my
parents got me a water bed in hopes of breaking me of the habit. It
worked. I used the bed waves to satisfy my need to rock. I also rocked
in chairs, in the car where ever I could without getting told to stop.
As an adult, (34 years old) I still have that need for movement. I find
myself moving my legs now. Either jiggiling my feet or rocking both legs

back and forth rapidly. The only reason I can begin to explain for this
need is that if I sit still I feel like energy is building up and if I
don't move I will explode. I am currently taking effexor an anti
depressant for a slight bi-polar issue. It was miled but the effexor has

stopped it completely. However, it had no affect on the need for
movement. At various times in my life I have looked for an answer but
thus far found nothing. Now, after that long winded history, is there
any reason I might have this problem. I would love to get rid or stop
it. I has become bothersome from a comfort level. I find I don't want to

sleep in bed because I might wake up my spouse so I sleep on the couch
so I can move my legs and help me get to sleep.

Any help on this would be most appreciated.


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