Array "foo{ n }" in Mind.forth Robot AI

Luis Luis at ucea.ac.uk
Wed Jun 17 10:30:09 EST 1998

Whot, you mean you don't know what he's talking about?!




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Leroy wrote in message <6m6rr0$5i9$1 at supernews.com>...
>Arthur T. Murray wrote in message <3583bf35.0 at news.victoria.tc.ca>...
>>In the public-domain artificial-intelligence project for robots
>>http://victoria.tc.ca/~uj797/aisource.html "Mind.forth," if we
>>have an array simulating concepts in the human or robot brain
>>and if we index into the array with time "t" and with whichever
>>column-element that we are trying to retrieve, it may look like

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