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Thu Jun 18 01:10:11 EST 1998

Can anyone recommend a source where I could find out what effect, if
any, ultrasound has on neurons? I mean other than the obvious effects,
vibration and heat.

When I search the web under the keywords "neuron" and ("ultrasound" or
"ultrasonic"), all I find is a lot of stuff about bats' echolocation (*)
and ultrasound in medical diagonstics. So let me make my area of
interest clearer: If one were to isolate a live neuron and bombard it
with sound, at what frequency(s), if any, will it do anything
interesting, such as demonstrate a higher or lower action potential or
excitation threshhold? Where can I find that out? Thanks.


(*) Can you guess why that pair should get so many hits on echolocation?
Cricket nerves are well studied. Bats eat crickets, which they find by
echolocation. Therefore crickets are terrified of ultrasound, and this
reaction is often used to study them. Amazing that that little
co-incidence should generate so many hits.

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