Cognitive Enhancement

Adriano Botelho abotelho at mpcnet.com.br
Thu Jun 18 14:36:46 EST 1998

There's no medicine which enhances cognition.

The only existing method is periodic relaxing, i.e.:
1) sleep a good amount of hours per day;
2) take a short rest from time to time during the workday:
     a) take some deep breathes (don't exaggerate)
     b) make some movement (stretch your arms and legs, walk)
     c) try to relax all your muscles;
3) make some physical exercise for nearly 30-45 minutes everyday
     (this is very important)
4) eat well (including red meat and carbohydrates) but avoid super-fatty


shastixx escreveu na mensagem <35889636.0 at news.spacey.net>...
>I am looking for good sources of information on substances and methods of
>cognitive enhancement.  I would appreciate some suggestions.

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