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Definitively, there's no "Extra-Sensorial Perception".  Everything you
percept (see, hear, smell, feel the touch...) comes to your self by the
senses organs.  A feeling is something more complex which comes by internal
information processing in and among your neurons and other cells (example: a
thought, a reminiscence, a fear [even if indefinite] etc).

The mysterious "energy" you can feel coming from the other person is called
"light" (electromagnetic energy) and stimulates your nervous cells at your
retina, inside your eyes.  Another form of energy is the "mechanical" one,
which is involved in vibrating the air and is percepted by the neurons at
your cochlea, inside your ears.  I both cases their vibrating is so florid
that you can extract more or less precise information from this energy
variation, and even take it sometimes as a very clear message using
repetitive patterns, a code, as Language.

I agree Ai-Ki-Do is a very agreeable practice.  :-)


Adriano (abotelho at mpcnet.com.br)

Tony Padgett escreveu na mensagem <3586336B.6132 at gol.com>...
>AJ. Murray wrote:
>> Is there any scientific proof for ESP/ telepathy and how it functions?
>> --
>> Al
>I believe it really depends on how you define ESP. The more I study
>nlp/hypnosis/aikido, I'm starting to believe that we have latent senses
>that if exercised properly can really give great insights on your
>For example, it is stated that face-to-face communication is 90%+
>nonverbal. (When I say 'nonverbal', I mean anything _other_ than the
>words themselves). So, voice tonality, facial expression, the energy
>that someone gives off or shuts out---all are ways that if we are truly
>'in tune' with the other person, we can do some things that may be
>considered to be ESP. These skills are nothing new--they are just within
>us and we don't exercise them.
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