Anterior Horn Cell

Adriano Botelho abotelho at mpcnet.com.br
Thu Jun 18 15:12:08 EST 1998

Your friend need to go back to his doctor and ask him exactly what disease
it is.  Assuming his doctor (preferably a neurologist) has done all the
appropriate history-take, physical and laboratorial examination, and reached
a definite and * correct * diagnosis.

If a doctor confirms a diagnosis of anterior horn degenerative disease, it
would be more likely Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and you would find
a lot of support groups for it on Internet.

Nevertheless, I insist it is very important establishing a reliable medical
diagnosis.  Your ultra-brief description is compatible with end-plate
diseases too, such as Myasthenia Gravis (which is generally easily curable).

Adriano (abotelho at mpcnet.com.br)

Eric Thompson escreveu na mensagem <35880bbc.16781296 at news.virgin.net>...
>A good friend of ours has been diagnosed as having degenerative
>anterior horn cell. This has taken over a year to find out and in the
>last few months he is getting worse. He can hardly walk dragging his
>leg along and looking very tired. He was given no information, just
>told to live with it but he and his wife are feeling very depressed.
>He is 49 years of age and does not know where to go.
>Could anyone give me any further information such as support groups,
>or more info about this and what to expect.
>Thank you

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