Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:13:12 EST 1998

>The rest of your reply serves as ample example in case any new readers
>Stuffing bionet.neuroscience with this nonsense abuses the rights of
>readers who look for neuroscience here.
...I take it you still did not get certain filtering tricks and assume
that all others like you load down texts from others of whom they do
not like to read stuff, 
to then endlessly complain in unscientific, primitive style about the
lack of scientific style, giving no proof against what is wrong, and
instead trying to shut people with differing opinions up, indicating
that you are the one to decide what is nonsense.
Remarkable someone I asked in university to check some stuff I wrote
for me said that there is no proof against it in Western science that
he knows of.
Some of the neuro-theories that you wrote from my perspective are
wrong, too. And some you say I have known when I was six years old...

...But let me guess, those entire posts you make ranting against me
for not being scientific im completely unscientific style are an
attempt of your to scientifically express you opinions about
testosterone, the hypothalamus and male rank-fighting programs in

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