Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:09:24 EST 1998

> why are there long-lasting phantom sensations? 
- Are these phantom sensations or is part  real?
It is not particularily a secret that you do not need axons to get to
a place but can also do it with sort of energy fields.
I heard from someone to do with "halo-pictures" that there was one who
had a finger missing already for years, and yet the connecting energy
fields still showed where the finger had been.

>Why don't all amputees go through a period of phantom sensation which
>goes away after the higher order areas learn that the input is coming from
>a different portion of the body surface?

Maybe because the according field aiming into the according digit is
not that easily changed?
I can channel energy into one of my fingers, even far more if I
centrally focus into it, and have also once played with sending
brainenergies into my hand via the air, and run other games with
changing the energy around & "transcending" a finger where I did not
bother to use the internal connections to there much.

I mean, maybe you are referring to something else with phantom
sensation, but my first guess would be that the people still might
have the connecting "fields" and that those might be there for a long
If you have people who "leave their body" some keep a rather human
shape, too,
and there I hae already started to wonder if they somehow manage to
re-aim the field connections or/and extend them?

Imagine you were to take the entire field-perception of the body and
link it well enough that you either can shift it out, or power it up
enough that you "just" extend it as a whole...

But I guess some or all of that might have been wrong...
What are the opinions of the out-of-body experts?

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