Technological Singularity

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:05:37 EST 1998

>In article <y6k96q5xz9.fsf at tweedledumb.cygnus.com>,
>Craig Burley  <burley at tweedledumb.cygnus.com> wrote:
>>And, to anyone who claims everything is all "one" with some mystical
>>notion of a "universe" and that "matter" is thus just acting out
>>this "oneness" in a fashion that renders pointless any discussions of
>>medium-level behaviors such as evolution, geology, mathematics, and

If you have H2 O as ice, water and steam, alone there might be a few
mathematical and other contemplations coming in, like when figuring
out if you rather have a block of ice or a bunch of water fall onto
your head...
Sort of "oneness" in different stages might give a lot to calculate.

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