Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:05:20 EST 1998

Dredd <dyer at cord.ubc.ca> wrote:

>For you.. I would suggest about 6 inches in diameter, right in the top
>center... should help a little

For you ... I suggest when "cutting" that into you to use a flame
thrower or a granade. 

>Cijadrachon wrote:
>> Lee Ligon <lal4e at virginia.edu> wrote:
>> > trepanation (cutting a hole in your head in the cause of enlightenment).
>> Where in the head & how big?
>Sorry guys, just could NOT resist this one!!!

Sorry, could not resist, either.

The question, however, was serious.
Am wondering if they were doing it at any chacra point or some other
specific place, and if this was just some little thingie or a bigger
hole, and what sort of lines are (not) on a skull there (stability
when standing on your head? ;-)

And though you might not get that, Dredd, if I am on LSD and power up
the "fields" of my hand and fingers, and put them togher aiming at a
narrow spot, I could aim different energies deep inside different
regions of the brain and compare the reactions if I wanted to.
There are very different reactions already when just putting one
finger directly againts the skull at different spots.
I had been basically vaguely contemplating to figure out if the spot
they pick has anything special to it  or if that was mainly plain
superstition and having some interesting skulls once the folks have
been dead for a while.

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