Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:05:07 EST 1998

>The function of a sensory neuron depends on ... input! 
>...  The primary sensory neuron does not 'know'
>where the input comes from. Neurons from higher - associative - areas
>give a function to this. The point is, the higher areas are responsable
>for the perception, the primary sensory neurons do the input selection.

Back then I could make make optical signals out of tones and of
signals from the body in an area of which assume that you'd call it
area(s) of the cingulate gyrus.
First I thought it a hallucination, later I came to realize that of
what is there tones and optics are just small parts and that there is
an older way to perceive that is far more "broadband",
which when doing it whith the eyes, too, seems to involve all areas of
the neocortex apart from the ones to do with movement.
I have noticed that for some energy ranges I need to go very far down
in energy, in which case I have to stop conversations,
inside it sometimes feeling (though this might be wrong!) that I am
switching part of my own  and areas to do with speaking  back to far
older functions again, that for fun I sometimes call "premyelin
perception" (though I do not know if that is wrong).

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