Medicine, Why have A Freedom of Choice?

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:04:44 EST 1998

>The freedom to chose your medication from ALL the options 
>available is important, why?
>1) It offers hope and further assistance for the doctor when everything
>else is failing. 
How about seeking a doctor elsewhere instead of going on drugging?

>2) It can buy the patient time and peace of mind from other untreatable
>things they don't need to know about ( thus choice is an effective medicine
> itself, a wise doctor would see this)
Who decides that people don't need to know about it?
And how do you want to activate self-steering powers targetting the
right way if the target is not known nor the needed inner setting?
Systems maybe being weakened by drugs?
And do you know all healers of the world to know that something IS
untreatable for sure?

>2) Because we are individuals and work individually.
One reason more to be careful with junkying around and with deciding
what is untreatable and from withholding data that in some cases might
give people with high innner steering powers clues what to do.

>3) Because freedom of choice gives us control and and control helps
>a positive attitude. 
Many drugs don't on the long run.

>5) It's ethically right
Well, the discussion if people can stick into themselves what they
want as it are their systems is old.
Though I'd not use ethically but that all can do with/to their own
bodies and minds as they want as they are theirs.

>7) Because all drugs are improved in the same time frame.

>8) It's a demonstation of a doctors loyalty to their patient rather
>than to a drugs company, which promotes confidence in the 
>doctors abilities.
Actually if I had a doctor withholding information and making me
junkying/drugging around without it getting rid of the illness I have
that would make me question his loyalty.  

>I am sure I could go on with this, but I hope that you all get the
No, not really.
If doctor fails, stick drugs in, one after the other, of many
companies, so that the new ones have a chance, with which you are, of
course, nothing to do?

>I am sure that the drugs companies understand some of
>what I am talking about, at least I hope they do for the sake of
>peoples health.

Actually I believe that some drug companies are more interested in
money than in people's health, especially in the area where people are
told to drug themselves not for any physical emergency reason,
but maybe just having a little cold, or not enough friends or being
discontent with themselves and life or something like that.

Some people recomend others antibiotics and other stuff in cases where
those are not really needed, and do not really tell them what damages
many drugs cause.
I'd be careful about drug companies and health.

Personally my favourite part of the instructions with drugs that I
often read first of all is "possible side effects".
And there I might read with special interest stuff maybe concerning
the filter organs and the brain.

How does the old joke go:
"What made humans advance so far, is making them so distinct from so
many other animals, is marking the human race?"
" Greed."

Personally I believe if someone taught all to heal like Jesus did &
better, no drugs needed anymore, that if you were to go to some drug
companies and offer them to shoot the guy before he babbled out too
much,  if you get one year of some "happy-pills" free for it, that not
all would be utterly horrrified at the mere thought...

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