ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:04:26 EST 1998

>I think it is futile to speculate loosely as to what causes a psychoses,
If you were to change terms and finally specify what exactly you mean,
then the causes might be more obvious.   
If I say:"it is futile to speculate loosely as to what causes a human"
...then is that going to get me far?

>Perhaps examining a neurons operation in a healthy mind against one in a
>"faulty" mind, and determine the differences would be more useful.

Useful for what exactly?

...And I am not sure how you want to examine them.

Also concerning some of the mind-sectors the own I has hell of a lot
of power.  Therefore if some sector is not functioning right  within
some of the mind areas  the overriding power and restructuring power
might be fairly high.
And though I might be mistaken I have the distinct impression that in
some cases there is a fairly automatic seeming compensation for
systems not working as they should.

I guess the neuros might babble some complicated stuff about receptor
molecule numbers trying to compensate artificial "too muchs" or too
littles" of some transmitter  due to messing the synaps up with drugs.
But that is not all. Also there seem to be programs inside that are
aware that there should be programs coming from other regions, and if
they do not come, in some cases I do not exclude that compensation
mechanisms are started.

Some of these might include quite some differences for some sectors,
so that I would not entirely exclude that something there might change
maybe also to do with the operation of the neurons, and likely with
the connection structure.
But then that would be like a secondary change, not due to the
original damage directly.
I am not sure if it is always easy to distinguish between that.


But with a lot of stuff I seriously do not see what it would bring.

Say there were differences, so can you make them go away?
And are you sure you know why they are there?
Maybe they are good for something.

There is something I term mental atavism, and I am not sure how far
that goes in some, but I am very sure that I'd be careful not to mess
with that one for example.

So if some sector(s) are (functioning) different, that might still not
tell you much.

I believe it is far more important to find out how to alter the
balances inside to different settings.
And what these do.
And how to do that well (for them) in others.

...But then again I guess from the LSD-guide and teacher perspective
one has a different perspective concerning altering stuff in some
systems powerfully.  ;-)

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