Prosthetic Neural Implants

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Try also,  "Functional Electrical Stimulation" by F. Terry Hambrecht.  I
believe the subtitle is "Towards a neural prosthesis."	Written in mid 80s I
think.	The author is now the head of the Neural Prosthesis Program at the US
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.  Check out  their website.

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> You might contact some professors at the São Paulo State University at
> Campinas' Biomedical Engineering Center:
> http://www.unicamp.br
> --
> Abraço/Hug,
> Adriano
> http://www2.mpc.com.br/users/a/abotelho
> shastixx escreveu na mensagem <358897a3.0 at news.spacey.net>...
> >Looking for information on:  Neural/Cerebral Implants, Cognitive
> >Enhancement, Direct Computer-Cerebral Interfacing, et cetera.
> >
> >All help is greatly appreciated!
> >
> >

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