ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 18 03:04:07 EST 1998

>Now I am working on the following thesis.
>>"Can psychotic 
What is that, people like you not getting the functions of some of the
most important psychological areas  and generalizing other people and
what they do without understanding what they do?

>behavior be explained by non-linear (chaotic) functioning
>>of the brain?" 

Read about MBD.

And take enough LSD to subperceive within the basolateral part of the
When advanced several years and getting several hundred to several
thousand of the main programs to do alone with that sector and the
relation from yourself to there and to part of the hypothalamus,
ask that question again in different words,
specifying what sort of "chaos-source" you mean, and which
sectors/bioprograms you are talking about.

>...you need to tighten up your mathematical models (and terminology)
>	-kitten

And not just those, also those of most of the entire brain and psyche.
Same for the bipolar babbling guy.

I love when people who seem unable to find themselves in the brain 
and do not even understand the differences between some of the main
emotion generators and far less the subprograms within them nor how
something going up in one area alters stuff in others,
yet use terms and judge others by some not-understood generalized
outer signs.

However generalizing not understood stuff is seeing to questions that
are so vague, that it seems rather impossible to answer.

How about saying exactly what is different in which sector how and
And when not being able to do that to at least come as close to that
as possible,
so maybe when talking about chaotic functioning of the brain, naming
if due to a certain transmitter disturbance, cell death around birth
in specific areas of the brain, cancer destroying stuff in a certain
area or maybe mutated cells producing something they should not
produce in that form, and so on,
so that one gets at least a certain idea where the chaos is coming
And then maybe where the behaviour is different,
and if it was already there as a child also naming how it was below
six, after six, after the start of puberty, and going though further

And with a lot of stuff it also depends if there are people messing
other people up more or not,
to what extent natural programs are disturbed by the culture and so

You sound young.

Simplified a brain and body are a bit more complex than you seem to
regard them, and without naming the area and what is "chaotic" /
"psychotic" where and why,
I could as well ask you if you think the straight street and the
chaotic one have similarities.
If I do not give you the names of the streets in Berlin, Germany  I
refer to, and if a name is there more often, also the district, 
then how are you to answer the question, apart maybe with vague
babbling about straight and choatic streets?

And let's even say I give you the names, but you have never seen them.
Then how are you to answer?

So say you did not have the parents nor have been abused like some of
the people have who are having many emotional problems,
then how do you want to judge that?
Same going for a very different hormone setting.

If you are not the person, then all you might do is trying to sense
yourself so deeply into the other one that you do understand to quite
some extent, and stay aware that likely you will never understand
another fully and if you were to spend the rest of your life with

And if you sense yourself into many and play with the options of
personalities you could be a bit, and with different levels of stuff
in yourself, then eventually you might discover tricks to alter
settings and attitudes in yourself and others more and more.


I tell you a story based on one in a book I wrote:

One person says the rabbit is black and two says about the same one it
is white.

1: It is black.
2: I like 2 more, it is white.
3:It could be both.
4:...and could have an entirely different colour, too.
5: I need to research, if necessary for years and the rest of my life,
what colour it has.
6:Who the f... cares what colour some stupid rabbit has.
7. Was it near my garden? Hope it won't dig holes there.
8.Was it looking fat, delicious and easy to catch?
9: The rabbit was grey.
10:The cat was black and white.
11: Those people were racists.
12:These people clearly have both been hallucinating, there's never
been any rabbit in that area that is mentioned in my books nor by
collegues of mine. And I am a learned man, and they are not, so I can
judge what of what they perceived is real.
13:That was a bad omen.
14:Rabbit thee I hale 
Welcome to this dale  ...
15:Did you read WATERSHIPDOWN?
16:This must have been the sacred rabbit we were told about by our
ancestors, who can change the colours and is to remind us that not
just the outer hull and categorizing are there, but that it is
important to understand more about the whole.

People do different stuff with the same data coming in, and that
processing might have little to do with how chaotic some brain area
is, but a lot with how you handle stuff and that might have a lot to
do with how you were taught to handle it.

So if you are taught to believe in gods or are taught to question all,
and if you are taught to live out emotions wildly as long as it does
not bother others too much  or to keep them to low levels, etc.
such things have powerful effects.

There are (at least) thousands of bioprograms to do with emotions,
and more attitudes than I can count.
What in one culture is considered perfectly NORMal, is considered mad
in the next. 

In one culture if you pop up with more shrunken heads than the next
guy you can prove that you are a hero and killed more, in another
place where the women shave themselves to look like children without
adult hair or to look like anorectic Barbie dolls you might get
electrocuted, being told that being killed that way is not to be
counted as murder, 
and somewhere else someone might shake her neck as far as the rings
stretching it very long allow it, without which the neck might
collapse, about the mad custom to get holes in the ears so big you can
stick a battery through them and in the lips so big you can stick some
little plate there or curling in the toes of women so their feet seem
smaller but they can't walk right anymore or cutting away (parts of)
the female sex organ, sewing the vagina shut with wire, or using
clocks to get up and direct your time or having to wear clothes when
it is hot.  Meanwhile a man spending 8 hours at work under electric
light might then go home to sit in front of his computer contacting
his cyper-friendships for the next many hours as he spends nearly all
evenings, regretting the poor wild people elsewhere who are so
primitive that they do not have computers yet and must spend the
nights together in primitive huts or hammocks under the stars with
other people, maybe talking and playing.
And someone in the West might lock up another and rape his personality
with drugs, stripping away privacy, friends chosen in freedom, a good
private sex life, parts of himself, turning him into a chemical wreck
in a surrounding destroying, breaking the willpower for life,
and pride himself how much more advanced he is than some healer using
drugs one for both and masks and making a ceremony lasting between a
few hours and days, and then the other one going home content to live
content in society again and doing his tasks there.
And then you go to a school and hear: Light and warmth are different,
Charles and Alexander were GREAT, shooting people and pillaging is
called colonialism, but if you do colonialism here we stick you into
cages like we do with others whom we do not like to call people but
rather term possessions, and be it that neurology ignores that we are
in the limbic system for another thousand years to avoid the rights
discussion,  99% ruled by 1% is bad primitve and belongs abolished,
the ideal for all has to be that 49% are ruled by 51%; 
there are three worlds, we have five senses,
and all the rest is illusion, and best ignore those still allowed
five, too,   until you were told that something was proven and you may
now say that something is there, too; and remember that WE need a
police and an army and your money to pay us ruling you and making laws
for you, so get up with an alarm clock an make enough money, so that
you have to give away 20-50% depending on where you are and your
income  for others to rule you, get a good income that way, and to say
what is done with the money you made, you are too dumb to decide that
yourself, and too dumb to know what is good for you, so you need to be
And if you do not like it, we might stick you into one of our cages or
give you the option to go away. But for that you need some paper first
stating you property of the area we declare ours, and then identify
yourself with it, for you can not identify to be yourself without us.
And then maybe the grabbers of the next area will be nice enough to
allow you to work for them, pay them taxes, and maybe get some paper
stating you their property, 
and if you do not like it, go live one the oceans, 200 miles away from
all claimed land.
THEN MAYBE you can be free.
Are we not advanced?

In case you speak my language:
Westen, Westen ueber alles, ueber alles in der 1.-3.Welt!...

If you travel this planet and human minds more you might come to like
this word:


Or that sentence:
Sheep trotting after the shephard to be slaughtered,
shouting: "I am proud to be a sheep of this group and to fight for

...And if some sheep do not do so, then I guess they fall out of the
sheep norm. Might it have to do with nonlinear dynamics or a
How about sticking some drugs into them, until at command they make
ma-a-a-a again?


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