K C Cheng kccheng at postoffice.idirect.com
Fri Jun 19 09:52:21 EST 1998

Cijadrachon wrote:

> >In telepathy, therefore,  we sense others' thoughts like we
> >sense our own.
> Never managed that one, and thought the cell numbers, connections and
> processings were far too different for that.
> How do you do that?
Re the above:
That is because we sense not by "connections, neuron numbers."  Instead,
like in the electric fishes,  their own electroreceptors detect  neural
electrical  impulses of the same species.  So, too, like radio stations
having their own  broadcast frequencies,  man detects brainwaves of
fellow men and women because their brainwaves are at the same or similar
Detailed out in my  "The Electric Fishes Speak"  now being worked on.
Also, problems with my internet service provider's  server(?).  My
homepage is now  difficult to see.  Hope   to have it fixed or soon to
have a new site.  

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