Non-linear dynamics, chaos-theory and schizophrenia

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>I am medical student and familiar with neural networks.
>Maybe some on can help me with the following:
> I am looking for information about theories on schizophrenia,
>based on nonlinear dynamics or from a chaostheoretical perspective.
>Another entrance would be artificial neural networks theories with 
>hypotheses concerning the development of psychosis and/or schizophrenia.

As a practicing  neuroscientist, my view of the literature in this
field is that scientists who attempt to relate chaos theory to
schizophrenia have experiments that shed no light whatsoever on the
biological model of schizophrenia. It is my understanding that very
few of the low level circuits have been mapped out in higher mammalian
brains, thus these thought experiments are largely a waste of time
because the probability that they have relevance to the circuitry of
the  human brain is low.I do not mean to be disrespectful of those
individuals who explore these areas, because they may very well yield
tangental information which is valueable.

The most  recent article on this subject appeared  in Biol Psychiatry
43: 471-482,  "Neural Networks as Models of Psychopathology." You
might find this article helpful.


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