Polio Plus effort: FYI

Bill McKenna bmckenna at mint.net
Sun Jun 21 16:08:08 EST 1998

The following concerns the efforts of a Motorcycling
California Rotarian, Bob Mutchler,  who could use a bit of
helpful encouragement.

Bob, was a victim of childhood polio, and to call public &
media  attention to Rotary International's Polio Plus
program (a program to eradicate polio by 2001) he is
traveling by motorcycle to 48 US capitol cities in 30 days.
16,000 miles. His motorcycle is a Honda Gold Wing, modified
for hand shifting, and equipped with a side car for

We met him here in Augusta Friday. He is a dedicated and
committed individual. That same day he stopped in Vermont to

assist with first aid at a truck accident  and missed his
connection there at Montpellier....

Please read his wife's note below... if you can meet him at
one of his projected stops it will help him along in his

LD riders know very well the toll the ride can take.
Consider 800 mile days, most in the rain...

*** PLEASE *** pass the word any way you  can, to ANYONE you

can think of.

Let's get him support at his stops!!

His wife Patti can be reached @ mailto:Tunerman1 at aol.com  -
or Manny@ mailto:manale at aol.com  -- Contact them for
information specific to your locale, or the Rotary Club in
the Capitol on the list nearest You. If you have contacts
with media types, please pass the word. News release is
available @  http://www.rotary.org ; Daily email updates
come from Patti.

Very Thankful Regards to you all,

Bill McKenna

******** ++++ From Patti ++++++********
Dear All,

I spoke with Bob a littler while ago.  He had just left
Columbia S.C. He was
greeted with two television crews and print media.  No
Rotarians, public or
critters of any kind.    He's very tired and his back is
extremely painful.  I
think runners call it "the wall".  He could stand some
encouragement and some
friendly faces at the capitols in the homestretch.

I ask that if you have any friends in the upcoming capitols
to encourage them
to come out and give Bob an extra push.  This is the
remainder of his

Monday     Jun22-
11:00arrival-Noon departure
                 Montgomery                      4:00
pm-5:00 pm
                  Jackson                           9:00

Tues Jun 23-
            depart Jackson-9:00 am
               Baton Rouge                    12 NOON-1:00
               Austin Tx

Wed        Jun 24
               depart Austin 9:00 am
                Santa Fe                           10:30
pm-overnight X2

******** Bike maint *********

Friday       Jun 26
                   -depart Santa Fe-9:00 am
                 Phoenix Az                        5:00

Sat     June 27
                     depart Phoenix-9:00 am
                   Carson City                       8:30

Sun     June 28
                     depart Carson City-9:00 am

  Sadly, there was media in Richmond and in Columbia but no
other bodies.
This is the opportunity for Rotary to benefit, but only if
we show up and turn
out.  Bob is doing what he promised he would do;  now
shouldn't we make a
little more effort.

Thank you again, for all that many of you have done.

- ================== -
Bill McKenna--AugustaMaine-USA

Rotary International is an  NonProfit organization.
http://www.rotary.org with clubs in 28,000 locations. RI
recently received an award from the United Nations for their

continuing efforts to enhance the quality life on the

Rotary also has a sub group of motorcycling Rotarians called

'Rotacyclists'. Look them up in your town...

Bill McKenna--AugustaMaine-USA

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