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Dredd  <dyer at NOSPAM.cord.ubc.ca> wrote:
>A. Southgate wrote:
>> > I have a son. 13 years old, with a tumor in the brain and with no
>> > hope, in a hospital in Malaga (Spain).
>> >
>> > I'm, looking for any center in the world, specialized in neuro-surgery
>> > for tumorts in the brain to send the file and to find a solution.
>> > I'm hoping to find a specialist, who could operate a tumor in a
>> > difficult location.
>> >
>they are developing
>in-operable glial tumour therapies based on the the use of the
>non-proliferative HSV virus variant, to transfect  the glia with a
>antiboitic susceptiblity gene... thay ar curently conducting clinical trail
>in the US (Harvard I think)..

A well-known case of trying to cure a kid with glioblastoma was the case of
Rebecca Lilly, whose story can still be found at


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