Developmental Neurobiology course

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Tue Jun 23 01:47:24 EST 1998

Course on Developmental Neurobiology

To be held 13th - 15th of August 1998 
in the University of Kuopio, Finland  


This international course concentrates on the recent 
development in the neuronal development.
Especially, the molecular aspects of developmental 
processes will be emphasized. Speakers are
active researchers in their respective fields and 
they will be asked to give an general introduction
into their topic and spend then the rest of their 
talk illuminating the recent development and future
trends from the perspective of their own research. 
One day will be spent in laboratory practices and
demonstrations on selected aspects of developmental neurobiology. 

Dr. Eero Castrén, A.I. Virtanen Institute, University of Kuopio 
Dr. Antero Salminen, Department of Neurobiology and Neuroscience,
University of Kuopio 


The course is suitable for graduate students in the field 
of neurobiology or developmental biology as
well as interested physicians in the fields of neurology, 
psychiatry, pediatric neurology and child psychiatry. 


Students who want to participate in the laboratory demonstrations 
and want to get the credits (1 point) of the course must pass 
"a pre-exam". Otherwise the lectures are free to all. The exam is
based on the review papers published in Science 
(Science 274:1109-1138, 1996):

Lumsden, A. and Krumlauf, R. Patterning the vertebrate neuraxis.
Science 274:1109-1115, 1996.

Tanabe, Y. and Jessell, T.M. Diversity and pattern in the 
developing spinal cord. Science 274:1115-1123, 1996.

Tessier-Lavigne, M and Goodman, C.S. The molecular biology 
of axon guidance. Science 274:1123-1133, 1996.

Katz, L.C. and Shatz, C.J. Synaptic activity and the construction 
of cortical circuits. Science 274:1133-1138, 1996.

When you have read these articles, ask for exam questions from: 
tapani.hyvonen at uku.fi and send
your answers (max. 1 page/question) to: eero.castren at uku.fi 


Laboratory demonstrations: Canthia building, KL3 and KL4
Lectures: A.I.Virtanen Institute, 3rd floor, Seminar room 


Course HomePage: http://www.uku.fi/laitokset/aivi/devneuro.htm

Eero Castren, M.D.
A.I. Virtanen Institute
University of Kuopio
P.O.Box 1627
70211 Kuopio

Homepage: www.uku.fi/laitokset/aivi/eero.htm 
e-mail: eero.castren at uku.fi 
tel: +358-17-162 084
mobile: +358-50-520 7974
fax. +358-17-163 030

Tapani Hyvönen
A.I. Virtanen Institute
University of Kuopio
P.O.Box 1627
70211 Kuopio

e-mail: tapani.hyvonen at uku.fi
tel: +358-17-162 028
fax. +358-17-163 025



Thursday, 13th of August 

Laboratory demonstrations 

LacZ-staining on developmentally expressed genes in transgenic mice 
Neuronal stem cells: culture and differentiation 

Friday, 14th of August 

8.30 Dr. Eero Castrén: Opening of the course 

Session 1. Molecular patterning of the CNS (Chairman: Eero Castrén) 

8.45 Peter Gruss, MPI, Göttingen: 
Homeobox genes and neuronal patterning 
9.30 Urban Lendahl, Karolinska Institute: 
Notch signaling 

Coffee break

10.45 Seppo Vainio, University of Oulu: 
Wnt signaling
11.30 Antero Salminen, University of Kuopio: 
Basic helix-loop-helix proteins in neural and myogenic development


Session 2. Neuronal differentiation and migration (Chairman: Antero Salminen) 

14.00 Pertti Panula, Åbo Akademi: 
Development of neurotransmitter systems 
14.45 Maija Castrén, HYKS: 
Neuronal migration and migration defects 
15.30 Kai Kaila, University of Helsinki: 
Molecular and biophysical bases of change from
GABA excitation to GABA inhibition in the neonate rat hippocampus

Saturday 15th of August 

Session 3: Process outgrowth and axonal guidance (Chairman: Kai Kaila) 

9.00 Jonas Frisén, Karolinska Institute: 
EPH receptors and ligands in axon guidance
9.45 Heikki Rauvala, University of Helsinki: 
Extracellular matrix and process outgrowth

Coffee break 

Session 4: Refinement of neuronal networks (Chairman: Asla Pitkänen) 

11.00 Mart Saarma, University of Helsinki: 
Neuronal cell death
11.45 Eero Castrén, University of Kuopio: 
Synaptic plasticity in cortical neurones

End of the course

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