Limb and Back Pain

kathy & paul buck kathy at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Jun 23 16:20:40 EST 1998

I have been suffering with pain in my limbs. It first started with
aggitation in my arms keeping me awake nights. Then it developed into pain
in my arms and for the past year my arms hurt all of the time. About 6
months ago the pain went into my legs and just recently it has gone into my
back. I have gone to a Rhumatologist and he said that my pain is in my
muscles and it is not Arthritis or Fibro-myalgia. I have had every blood
test that my family doctor does done. The only thing that has come up is an
inflated inflammation level, between 15 and 20. About once a week I will
have shooting sharp pains in my arms and or legs. When I bend over it is
hard for me to straighten out. When I walk upstairs my legs almost kill me.
When I have my arms up in the air it is very painful. I am currently on a
prescription pain killer that doesn't take my pain away but it does help me
sleep at night. I have a scheduled app't to see a Neurologist on Aug.4/98.
I am only 38 years old and weigh 155 lbs. I picked 5 boxes of strawberries
this afternoon and the pain was severe after, my legs and arms were shaking
with pain. I sure do hope that you can shed some light on this for me.
Thank you for reading this.

Kathy Buck

kathy at nbnet.nb.ca

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