ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 14:01:11 EST 1998

ohgs at chatham.demon.co.uk (Oliver Sparrow) wrote:

> Dan Gjering Frederiksen <wolf at daimi.aau.dk> wrote:
>"" I think it is futile to speculate loosely as to what causes a psychoses,
>"" since there is really no way that you could test it.
>What an odd statement.
>Oliver Sparrow

It is not that odd because the headblinds are arrogant enough to
believe that because they can't get at the base programs in the
emotion generators and change stuff there, no one can.
That is also why terms like "psychoses" are used by some of the
Westies:  Why perceive the individual, the areas of the brain, the
subprograms in them? - That way you do not make money sticking drugs
into people.

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