Non-linear dynamics, chaos-theory and schizophrenia

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 14:01:16 EST 1998

(To certain people: This reply is not meant to be scientific.)

> an esoteric book which says lucid dreaming, etc. is a stage of Ascension. There is
>another book I have on Enlightenment (Ascension of Consciousness) that
>speaks of the need to unite the waking-state with the dream-state.

>Pretty weird, huh?

Not really. 
Though I do not agree with all.

Within sleep many of the other areas are docked out and you are on
other energy ranges, which when extenting fields, makes differences.
Many use the head chakra point for central extending out, though I
heard other points mentioned, too,
I am not sure if that might have been meant with ascension.

For all I know enlightenment can be achieved without needing to ascend
or messing up the dream & awake balances (though the dream levels give
you a lot of additional perception powers according to what I heard,
and if altered with drugs maybe even more), and there might be other

>>Imagine someone would not have to train to "stay awake in dreams" and
>>to go down into the dream energy levels awake.
>From a certain perspective, it does sound like bliss.

Not if you did not intend to do so.

>I don't know your terminology, 
Just ask if you don't get stuff, though with all that has to do with
telepathic prestages  I am not sure if I can explain that well with
words, as no one ever explained to me with words, but just showed

>but I also have this fear or anxiety to
>the "semi-translucent black ranges". 
I have seen that in several people, but I never really understood it.

What does it make you feel?

What would you theorize it might be?

>It has been lessening lately.
How was/is it' "development"?

>>In conversations I noticed less will to logically reality-check.
Long version?

>>...And in case the area that is like a computer in the front  is not
>>cooperating well, then the capacities to watch yourself critically
>>might be down a lot.
>>So that you might believe faster.
>By "computer in the front" I'm guessing you mean what I call the
>"autopilot"?     ...habit mind
(Nice terms, if I had know they exist I might not have come up with

No, sorry. You are right, those have an area up front, too, that might
be very much like a computer,
I meant the one more down frontish, that is the detail memory bank of
the own systems among other functions.

Can you tell me all you know about the autopilot / habit mind?

And also about where to maybe find more information 

> A tolerance has dropped somewhere. You see it?

Sorry, did not get the question.
If you mean if I can see the frontal cortex:
Upper banks: No
Lower banks: ~Twice, but was busy with something else.
If you mean segregating from what you call autopilot:
For mine that is normal. And when drugged if necessary for moving  I
have a special way to semi-link that often helps.

>...almost any hallucination should be possible.
Never liked hallucinating much because it undermines my sense of
reality, though I liked seeing the pictures I hallucinated.

I have often wished there were a drug (different enough from
psychedelics  that it would have no effects on working with those)
with which I could go hallucinating, and that was good for nothing
else, and that is as beautiful as LSD in that respect.

>...I checked my own sensations as you were writing this and I know what
>he is talking about. There are swirling energy hot spots down behind
>the ears toward the neck. I don't know what they do.

Please tell me more about what they do.
If you want also e-mail me privately

>"So on" could wind such a person in a mental institution though.
Brutal places have a tendency to become obsolete fast.
Certain systems who burned their own healers might try to make up
their incompetence with monopolizing and declaring themselves better
than those several thousand years ahead of them in mental healing,
and with locking up people or/and drugging them and bringing them more
out of balance,
but everyone not dumb knows that good healers tend to take between a
few hours and a few days to have someone back to balanced  normally,
and that some not even 200 year old psych-"science" is not much
compared to some of the old branches going back to the dawn of human

>There is something that has to be relaxed. Like a channel that has to
>be freed and "being awake" is taking up that channel. A mutual
>exlcusivity of some sort.


Do you happen to be able to locate the position?

>I am definitely the plagued by a song type. And interestingly, I was
>"plagued by voices" recently but stayed focused that they were all me,
>playing parts on a stage in my mind, and the "director" could turn
>them off or tone them down. 

Intersting method.

>>Many healers have the attitude that whatever the mental problem some
>>of the best solutions against it are 1-4 sexy, nice partners, 5-15
>>reliable friends and enough responsibility to have the feeling to be
>>of importance and even better get the feeling from society to be of
>I wish they grew on trees.


>>...And I believe that also how you work with some of those substances and
>>how you change settings within your emotion generators or within the
>>other one is something that one should learn directly and maybe for
>>many years before attempting to balance people that way, 
>>the same going for transcending into the others energy systems and
>>altering things there.

The first, though usually going via words, is more scary if you
blunder it, than the latter, as if I should take a guess most can't
aim so well that they can alter much detail stuff, and a lot might
just be momentary alterations and the other one tends to feel pain if
you really blunder it and then is warned.

>Imagine a mesmerist with conscious control of such power over others.

What does a mesmerist do?

...When I brain-taught people a bit about perceiving on the other
ranges I had several accuse me of trying to hypnotize them.

...But if anyone bothers you just go up in energy and make a lot of
activity on the axons, and since he does not have axon control like
you do within your systems, his stuff having to "travel through the
air and through the skull" does not have that many chances to achieve
much in your head, so it is a way to kick many out. Apart from that if
you kick people literally it does tend to distract their

Also a lot are common fields.

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