ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 14:01:13 EST 1998

> drugtreatment ... schizophrenia.
I guess teaching the person to perceive on the other ranges and then
go in front of a mirror when hallucinating and an change through some
thousands energy stages and observe where the hallus increase and
where they decrease and learn from that would be to healthy a

>And anyway, most research starts with ideas

>Willem Rijks

Actually mine tends to start with emotions.
If expressed in words they might be:

"This sucks.   
And it suspiciously does not look like it will improve any time soon
by itself. ...Any way to improve this?"

Or: "Fascinating. Want to know more."

Though there might be idea-based ones, too, like:
"I wonder what would happen if ..."
...Though some of these might end with "Ohoh....!"    ;-)

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