off-topic and/or off-the-wall

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 22 21:42:45 EST 1998

Still at your scientific display of male rank fighting programs, Frank
Or having changed to thinking you make this site more scientific as
you claim you want to have it by repeating over and over the same
primitive unscientific attacks against me, that in level are even
below my scientificness (and as I do not think that much of science,
that is a hard judgement, that should make you think)...

Little hint: Next time your comment my posts instead of activating
areas of the hypothalamus try docking with the area out front in the

That might help your claims of scientific whatevers to go from boring
repetitions of unscientific ranting to quoting what I said and proving
scientifically where it is wrong.
(And as errare humanum est, then it might even become interesting for
me to read your post and think about them.)

To me you seem like you cannot do that and try to make it up with your
primitve ranting against me.
Still seeming to follow certain old censorship dreams of telling
others what to say and what not, like some net-dictator-aspirant
dreaming alpha-animal wishes...

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