OPEN WARNING: Aliens intend to abduct CIJADRACHON and subject him to 'ahem' experiments

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 22 20:07:43 EST 1998

About your post:
I notice that you are my well-wisher already by the insult words you
are using.
and your intelligence is wisely expressed in the words you chose.

Your realism is shown by that you believe that within 5 years humans
will have changed enough that some of the stuff I said will be O.K. to
be released then.   (Personally I would not have been sure about 5
million years, given the humans around me...)

Your liquidation whatevers are not going to bring much, as it might
have escaped your attention that there are copies of a book I once
wrote - crammed to the brim with stuff you'd likely not like out -  to
people (some having international connections) of countries of three
continents having copies (including places like Jordan, India and
Russia-Moscow), and prestages (1997) of it being on several computers
and disks in the USA and Germany and of the final version in Germany
and Poland. 
One book was a donation to a library, another to an Asian religion...

...I am afraid it might be an itsibitsy late?

You know, it did not escape my attention either that certain
"entities" might not be delighted by what I write, and therefore I
made sure that I could hit the ground dead this second and yet what I
did could not be stopped anymore.

Even if I were to shut up forever, do you seriously believe that all
the others knowing certain stuff will?
And did you ever spend any thought where some of what some insane
neuros do is likely to lead?

Anyone not a total idiot who has even just certain hazy concepts about
magic, telepathy, areas of the brain and Western science can add them
up to mind-bogglingly dangerous possibilities, and you are not going
to prevent that by censorship, but by restructuring the education
systms of Earth that are not teaching people inner balance & thinking
yourself into others & evenness & responsibility & not abusing power &
various other aspects.

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