OFFTOPIC: possibly seeking a moderator for alt.support.attn-deficit

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 14:00:27 EST 1998

"jc" <jcd at evolvegroup.com> wrote:

>As it states there is talk of the need for an EDUCATED moderator to assist
>in removing/controlling individuals with unscientific, unfounded, political,
>and personal agendas from this news group.
>I fear for the people in this group that are seeking advice and do not yet
>have the information to discriminate opinion from fact and are latched onto
>by these leeches who spout their unfounded and sometimes detrimental ideas.

Well, I suggest that then of course you talke someone who does not
have an attention deficit for the attention deficit group.
And just sticking to proven stuff given where neurology is now,
I guess you group will sure be of high interest for all the people
with an attention deficit having their personal opinions censored out.

But I guess that does not matter, what are they knowing about things,
they can't prove it anyway, and likely might not be educated enough
given their attention deficit, to really understand what they are
babbling about things.

Discussions about attention deficits should be left to those not
having one and being properly (de)educated and who are nicely crawling
to the censorship laws.

...I am sure the open, free exchange in that group will be stunning.

You might ask Frank Le Fever; though I am not sure if he has the time,
he might love the job of censoring, and given his theories about
(less) "conscious" memories and some others he seems a very scientific

I also know I guy here called "Heildir Meinfuehrer"; he might be very
willing "to assist in removing/controlling individuals"...

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