Narishige electrode puller

Lance Corey lance at neuro.pharmacology.ubc.ca
Thu Jun 25 10:21:52 EST 1998

First of all, which model are you using; since you say there is a magnet I
know you don't have the PP-83 and you might have the PA-81.  My second
question is, what type of electrodes are you trying to make, patch or

Lee Lovejoy wrote:

> I am using a vertical Narishige microelectrode puller.  I have
> encountered difficulty in determining the appropriate position for the
> microswitches.  My pippettes have two tapers; one from the gravity pull
> and a long, thin taper from the magnet pull.  I have tried increasing
> the magnet, but this results in longer thin taper rather than a larger
> opening.
> Can anyone help?
> LL

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