META: Re: noise of Eugene Leitl

Eugene Leitl eugene at liposome.genebee.msu.su
Thu Jun 25 12:54:36 EST 1998

Heiko Schlichting writes:
 > The correct address for complaining is "abuse at fu-berlin.de". It is not
 > necessary and not useful to send copies to other addresses.
 > But please be realistic about what you can except as reaction:
 > - in case of technical abuse (SPAM, commercial usage) we can close an account.
 >   This will not apply here.
 > - in case of offence you have to go to a court and not contact the provider

The problem is not offence, at least I am immune to profanity. The
problem is pollution of a once useful newsgroup with wacko posts, most 
notably Christiane's.
 > - in case of posting statements you do not like or are nonsense, you could
 >   activate you killfile or mailfilter (for those reading this as a mailing
 >   list instead of a newsgroup). The administrator of the news -> mail
 >   gateway can also install a filter for dropping messages from specific
 >   addresses.
Thank you for the latter suggestion. However, the problem is more
severe than that. Killfiles and mailfilters are not a default part of
most mailclients, and are mostly not straightward to set up. It would seem 
inapproriate to impose the filtering load on the victims while
protecting the offender. 

 > Germany is a free country, everyone is allowed to study and it is impossible
 > to ban someone from a university because of opinions some person do not like.
Not quite. The behaviour of Christiane would have (after a warning)
would long have led to the suspension of her account in other parts of 
Germany, e.g. Bavaria.

 > H. Schlichting (abuse at fu-berlin.de)


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