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I'm probably going to regret getting involved in this conversation, but
here goes...

Kccheng, I've looked at your web page, but I found little in there which 
would convince me that you understand Darwin's theory of natural 
selection, never mind that you've successfully refuted it.  To help me 
understand why you think natural selection theory is incorrect, could
give answers to the following questions (or, preferably, post them on
your web page)?

1) Can you summarize the main points of Darwin's theory of natural 
selection as presented in _Origin of Species_?  Can you explain which 
points are incorrect, and can you describe why?  (I'm assuming your 
counterpoints would be brief, as the points in natural selection theory 
are themselves very brief)

2) What was the strongest scientific criticism of the theory of natural 
selection in Darwin's day?

3) How do natural selection theory and Mendelian genetics relate to each 
other?  (Related to question #2)

4) Can you offer an explanation for the diversity of life which is more 
scientifically valid than natural selection theory?  If so, please 
describe the main points and/or logic of your explanation.  (Generally,
I don't like to refer to web pages in arguments, but I would ask you to
look up the evolution FAQ at
www.talkorigins.org/origins/faqs-evolution.html for references on
experiments and observations which support natural selection theory.  I
mention this here because whatever theory you propose would have to be
able to explain all these observations)

In all cases, could you provide references, or, if referring to your own 
observations and/or experiments, could you provide abstracts of your
work (preferably on your web page)?

Thanks in advance,
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