META: Re: noise of Eugene Leitl

Heiko Schlichting heiko at CIS.FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jun 25 13:20:16 EST 1998

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> The problem is pollution of a once useful newsgroup with wacko posts, most
> notably Christiane's.

I really understand the problem. But "pollution of a useful newsgroup" is
not easy to measure and therefore not abuse in the traditional sense.
With these posts it is not worth the try to go to the legal department
of the university for banning a person and cancel her enrolment.

> Killfiles and mailfilters are not a default part of most mailclients,
> and are mostly not straightward to set up. It would seem inapproriate to
> impose the filtering load on the victims while protecting the offender.

An Alternative for filtering at the news -> mail gateway is:
make the newsgroup moderated.

>  > Germany is a free country, everyone is allowed to study and it is
>  > impossible to ban someone from a university because of opinions some
>  > person do not like.
> Not quite. The behaviour of Christiane would have (after a warning) would
> long have led to the suspension of her account in other parts of Germany,
> e.g. Bavaria.

If this is true, I'm proud to be in Berlin. [Although I'm not happy about
the nonsense articles sind to the newsgroup/mailinglist.] But in Berlin,
especially at the Freie Universität Berlin which was found for this
reason, freedom of thinking and speach is very important. This also means
that we have to live with few persons who overuse their rights a little bit.


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