Gamma-OH analog experimented: Ethyl-4-Acetoxybutanoate :A novel "aphrodisiac"?

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Wed Jun 24 20:43:22 EST 1998

I think I prefer it to Gamma-OH - it is slightly different. Maybe I am
used to Gamma-OH by now.

Here are some of my observations:

1) The taste of this compound is rather unpleasant. Even in orange
juice it
is not very pleasant. It has a rather "solvent" like taste.

2) It takes approximately 20-30 minutes before any effects are felt.
Gamma-OH it gives a pleasant warm sensation in the stomach (much like
Cognac). If you can bear the taste of this stuff then it is very

3) The effects last much, much longer than Gamma-OH - at least 5

4) It is similar to baclofen in that ones thoughts can become
dominated by
intense sexual desire.

5) Seems to give more self-confidence that Gamma-OH.

6) More pronounced desire to defecate that under Gamma-OH.

7) Very, very easy to overdose leading to nausea, vomiting and intense

8) Seems to have hybrid Gamma-OH\Lioresal effects.

These are my initial observations. When the pleasant effects are at
peak then I have a tendency to take more and this leads to the very
unpleasant overdose effects. I have learnt my lesson!!!!!

The downside of EAB:

1) Pretty awful taste

2) Possible to overdose with very unpleasant consequences.

(  Ano.)

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