noise of Eugene Leitl

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 18:57:34 EST 1998

Fornix-man, some day simply learn the trick with filtering or not
downloading my posts, hard as that might be to learn for you, as so
far, though mentioned several times, you did not seem to have
understood that trick, and also, according to your post, believe that
no one else has learned that trick.
Your unscientific ranting about being scientific is too tiring for me.

I could as well go into a bar and have some rank-fight with some
If you wish to think that I am hallucinating, am psychotic or
whatever, just go ahead with that.

Concerning Eugene Leitl certain things might have escaped your
attention. As it might have escaped your attention that with a lot of
areas of the brain I have zero interest to have   sadist murderers
calling other people(s) possessions and doing gross mutilations and
tortures to them   know much too about them.

And your theories about the memory systems are about as interesting
for me as theories of a man telling me he just established that humans
have three fingers and might have more, though not really sure yet
what they are good for.

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