Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 23 18:57:31 EST 1998

>The mysterious "energy" you can feel coming from the other person is called
>"light" (electromagnetic energy) and stimulates your nervous cells at your
>retina, inside your eyes.  
I am not sure which mysterious energy you mean, but then again I never
got what ESP is anyway.

The stuff I get if linked with someone powerful in that area is not
just light or electromagnetic energy. It is certain parts of what some
in India and here might call akasha, and though the eye is an
important input canal I could have them closed and a lot would still
be there. Also some send with body areas, too.

>Another form of energy is the "mechanical" one,
>which is involved in vibrating the air and is percepted by the neurons at
>your cochlea, inside your ears. 
Bunches of energies - regardless if "the ranges amlified by hearing &
seeing" or others - vibrate, though I must admit that in the thousands
of ranges I never paid much attention to what vibrates, as most of the
stuff - if not all - does not exactly seem to be still.

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