META: Re: noise of Eugene Leitl

Eugene Leitl eugene at liposome.genebee.msu.su
Thu Jun 25 08:07:10 EST 1998

Cijadrachon writes:

 > Concerning Eugene Leitl certain things might have escaped your
 > attention. As it might have escaped your attention that with a lot of

Usually I just hit delete with cijadra is in the headers, but
since I ran into one of her posts blind and since my name was invoked, 
I would rather want to know what these 'certain things' are. What are you
hinting at, Christiane?

Since I'm already acting as a moderator for another list, additional
workload to moderate another list would not be too taxing, I guess. If 
somebody is willing to host a majordomo list, and we will find a
back-up moderator (I will be travelling in a month), we're set up. 
The traffic of the list could be piped into bionet.neuroscience via 
the mailing list, I guess. I could also bounce the mails from 
bionet.neuroscience minus spam and cijadra et al. 



 > areas of the brain I have zero interest to have   sadist murderers
 > calling other people(s) possessions and doing gross mutilations and
 > tortures to them   know much too about them.

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