ANN, nonlinear dynamics, and psychoses

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Thu Jun 25 18:21:19 EST 1998

Jim, Paul, 
         Name calling's not productive.  To resolve this apparent quandry
why don't you both have a look at the following FAQ.  It gives simple
clear definitions of non-linear and choas - by practitioners in the field
- and all the key refs.....  

   Html format from:
   http://amath.colorado.edu/appm/faculty/jdm/faq.html Colorado,
   http://www-chaos.engr.utk.edu/faq.html Tennessee,
   http://www.fen.bris.ac.uk/engmaths/research/nonlinear/faq.html England, 
   http://www.sci.usq.edu.au/mirror/sci.nonlinear.faq/faq.html  Australia,
the FAQ's site,
   http://www.faqs.org/faqs/sci/nonlinear-faq/  Hypertext FAQ Archive
   Or in other formats: 
   ftp://amath.colorado.edu/pub/dynamics/papers/sci.nonlinearFAQ.rtf RTF Format,
   ftp://amath.colorado.edu/pub/dynamics/papers/sci.nonlinearFAQ.tex TeX
   ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/sci/nonlinear-faq text format.


In article <359233F0.60B8DC0D at sandpiper.net>, Jim Balter
<jqb at sandpiper.net> wrote:

WATTERS Paul Andrew wrote:
> Jim Balter (jqb at sandpiper.net) wrote:
> : > You need to broaden your reading considerably!
> : You might consider a course in logic and/or reading comprehension.
> Excuse me Jim - my comment on 'broadening' was simply parroting
> the comment made to the person who first asked the question.

The comment was that "you need to tighten up your mathematical models
(and terminology)", which is demonstrably true, and is about what
you wrote, not you personally.  And since you demonstrably misread
Juola, I "parroted" "reading" from your ad hominem attack on him
(about what he reads, which you cannot know and has no direct bearing
on what he wrote).

> I
> think both my logic and comprehension are fine - where in my
> message can you find the statement "all nonlinear systems are
> chaotic"?

   [...] "Non-linear" does not mean "chaotic" [...]

   No. [...]

not (not all non-linear systems are chaotic) ===
 all non-linear systems are chaotic

> You need to learn some manners.

  [Watters to Juola]
  You need to broaden your reading considerably!

Pot, kettle, black, ad hominem.  You have no idea what Juola reads,
nor is it relevant to questions about chaotic or nonlinear systems.

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