Embryonic Mouse/rat forebrain cDNA Library Screening

Anita Schwegmann anita at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Fri Jun 26 09:32:10 EST 1998

Hi there

I have been screening a Yeast Two Hybrid cDNA library constructed from
embryonic mouse forebrains. As yet I have not pulled out any positive
clones. I have screened the library using different constructs of my
"bait" plasmid and although my positive controls worked well, I still
have not had one positive reaction. I find this strange as the Yeast Two
Hyrbrid system is renowned for its "false positives".Is there anyone out
there who has made up a Two Hyrid cDNA library from rat or mouse
forebrains and have had trouble finding positive clones? Any hgelp would
be much appreciated.
Many Thanks,

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