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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 26 09:50:05 EST 1998

>Hum.....I guess you would rather live a horrible life after brain trauma...
You overlook that maybe coming from another branch and being in
contact with people of other branches  maybe not in all but in many
cases there are ways your branch might not use, but that does not mean
that they are inefficient...
Apart from self-steering natural healing powers 
and friends who can transcend a bit into my brain.

>It can happen to anyone......
So you believe.

>and who are we going to test new treatments on
>besides animals?..
The human animal of course.
All mammals are persons, and your arrogance to declare your race to be
more worthy has been known throughout history, similar has been done
in this country using Jews for medical research for the master race.

Even if I might not wish to discuss it with the mammal torturer front
I know enough about the conscious centers and the similarities between
me and others that I know very well why you folks are not wanting it
out that we are in the cholinergic limbic system and keep babbling all
sorts of ... about the frontal cortex, lies about that being
conscious, bigger net nonsense and the like, because you know nearly
as lousy well as the brain surfers where we are in there, and though
we might not tell you the sub-locations, it likely won't be that liong
until you figure that one out, too.

Your abuse of other races is based on lies, and the same as we are
having several conscious centers in the brain, ALL mammals are having

All mammals are people and you are abusing other people with the
excuse that you are the master race.

If you want to stick stuff into people, than take the people who have
the problem, give them very little and ask them to regulate the amount
for themselves, giving your guesses what should be minimum and what
should be maximum, and ask them to also sense into their kidneys and
liver, and for headaches or other signs of not feeling well, and ask
them what effects what you give them seems to have,
and then compare that with what other people are telling you.
And ask them if they drink coffee or smoke cigarettes or take other
stuff to also watch what that seems to be doing together.

You might have overlooked it, but the neat thing about people is that
they can tell you when they get a blasting headache in a certain
location in the head and tell you that their skin itches, that they
feel cold or like puking or when some other organ hurts or something
feels not like it should.

So that if you give it to four people and three are telling you it has
a certain negative effect, you already get an idea where the stuff
might be running damages, and when you have ten pessimistic atheists
believing into nothing until it hops up and down in front of them seen
by all, and who are not believing it will help much, recovering hell's
fast then you might get a hint that you are on the right track.

>I vote for radicals like you.....
Radical is not saying it is wrong to abuse other people, 
radical is declaring the own race more worthy than other thinking
conscious races, and abusing them.

As long as what you do to the people of the other races is what you do
to yourself and your children as well, I guess I might not mind much,
I just mind if there are people who are saying that they are ever that
much different and better than others without ever giving proof for
that, wasting a whole congress like now in Bremen with babbling, to
avoid the topic that we are in the centers that decay when having
Alzheimer and the question to what extent the people of the other
races are people like we, though apart from dolphins and whales not
having the same size of the outer neocortex areas and having shorter
binding programs between the young and the parents, etc.

But that and not having Broca's language center is in no form making
them a non-person, nor non-thinking, and if you are to say that
someone thinking not as far as you are is to abe abused, then why do
you not take human mentally handicapped people for your tests.
And if you do not take those, then define for each other person first
why your person is more worthy than they are taking the areas &
functions of the brain as a base, and define why you have the right to
torture other races for the benefit of your race.

In Hitler's time it was not a crime to take Jews and others for
testing either in the concentration camps,
but something not being declared a crime in a place does not make it
not so.

You are not wanting the truth  and that is why neurology is
successfully overlooking Alzheimer data and every brainsurfer I ever
met saying that we are in parts of those areas,
and because you know it anyway is why some of you are grossly abusing
others to cut around in the hippocampus of someone else, which I find
totally sick, to babble nonsense about it being odd what all is going
off from there in a form as if the hippocampus alone would send, and
the "I" as such would not have to do with it,
where I alway wonder if you are really that idiotic or if you just
pretend so to keep the people of the pther races longer as your
victims and go on committing your crimes against them without it being
declared a crime officially.

Nice idea to leave the torturers the studying about the centers of
consciousness who are unlikely to ever admit it as long as they can
prevent it, and might go on for another decade babbling about
conscious sorts or memories, net sizes, frontal cortex b.s. and so on,
to avoid admitting what the Alzheimer centers have to do with
consciousness and that the same as with us, all mammals are sharing

And the day they finally admit it, I am sure that they will find all
sorts of reasons, why with the people of other races it still is not
like with us, and that therefore it does not matter that they are also
having hte two main centers of consciousness located there like with
us, and that both centers of the others are not as much worth as the

The old dream of the master race
or of those having reached a degree of power first abusing it against
the others still developing, like an older brother hitting a younger
one or abusing him, because he is not YET far enough to do much
against it, telling him:"You are weaker than I, therefore I can abuse
you for my purposes."


Much as you might like to lie about that,
to justify your sadism and imprisoning other people,
and to keep up your master race stuff.


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