ISH Sections & ProtK Concs.

gino.miele gino.miele at bbsrc.ac.uk
Sat Jun 27 05:07:06 EST 1998

Can anyone out there advise me on the size of sections I 
should use to cut mouse embryos at E7.5, E8.5, E9.5 & E10.5 
stages of embryonic development?  What conditions would be 
best to start with for the Proteinase K digestion 
concentration and incubation period for these stages?
Also, the transcript I am looking for at these stages is 
undetectable by Northern until E10 - I have a probe of 200bp 
and a probe of 900bp - which would be best?  I would prefer to 
use the 900bp probe - will this be OK without hydrolysis?
Thanks in advance,

Gino Miele,
Division of Development & Reproduction,
Roslin Institute,

E-mail:    gino.miele at bbsrc.ac.uk

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