OFFTOPIC: possibly seeking a moderator for alt.support.attn-deficit

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 26 09:50:12 EST 1998

> merely ideas that are offtopic.
But maybe the person writing them thought something about them, that
you might not see but they (apart of course from plain advertising).

And if you do not like folks having a war, why do you not tell them
each in the way you consider correct and constructive to move it to
private levels or to keep it to quoting what the other one has said
about things to do with official topics and say what he considers
wrong about that and why.

Also if you are really having an attention deficit side and have some
of the MBDed on the site, the degree and form of basing might be
fascinating to watch, as some of the MBDed might have an attention
deficit and what they have might also effect emotional control, and
that can be quite intersting from other levels to watch, when being
interested in the mind.

...Sorry for having trodden onto your mental feet.
> Do you need to *dock* with my mind to 
>conceptualize it?
No, then I do not conceptualize much, then I use the neocortex apart
from the motoric areas up front for an older function again, that is
of a time before using the front-downish area for conceptualizing.
Something similar going for part of my areas...
I do not think much in the way of modern thinking when linking in the
old way, it is more like a gigantic energy control and processing and

Apart from that I do not think I would like to dock with your "mind"
even if you were in front of me.
(+ You do not understand how to brain-link,
and I am not that good; I sort of more do outer sectors).

> the most relevant and effective literature/research has been
>written by psychologists/psychiatrists with ADD.
Any intersting titles?
Anything on the net?

>If you would like to help or contribute it is welcome, 
I do not think in ADD ADwhatever. I need to have the precise question
and then I can search inside if there is anything to do with that.
But I believe I am the wrong address for most of that.
I am not a back-half-of-the-head perceiver, but according to others
there are vast energy control mechanisms back there. And about
relations between myself and the front I do not really wish to talk
much, though I sense that with some they do not have the front do for
them like with others and that that is why with that they are remotely
similar to me when I am on trip and have the front semi-docked off and
not cooperating well, and I also believe that back then when the whole
front was off-line that that is like some forms of what you might call
full autism.

>even if your ideas are not mainstream, 
Literally they might be more than you'd believe, and in the sense you
mean it, that would nearly have escaped my attention, ...

>And judging by your meandering methods of writing either you do not have
>full control of the English language 
I am sure your German beats my English by far...
And when you become better in German and read some old authors that I
have read as a teenager, where a sentence might extend easily over
half a page, you might understand a point or two about the

>or you should seek counseling for ADD yourself.  ;-)

O.K., let's assume I am not content to have A-levels and to have done
a bit of basic studies at some point, and I stop joints and LSD for 8
weeks and wait for the "fog to clear out" and then should feel I ever
so much suffer from ADD, 
then I guess I just go to some "counseling" and then what? 

I get some nice drug not doing anything to the filter organs nor
altering receptor-molecules in the brain nor in any other form bad /
addictive  that is going to make the problem completely vanish?

Or they just go:"Igorrr, fetch the brrrain!" And then replace whatever
should happen to be wrong in mine with areas of someone else?

(And if I just want to have my brain restructured normally, as an LSD
teacher I have reconfigured stuff in my brain and in others a little
bit so often, that perhaps I have an idea or two about a bit of that,

But seriously: If someone goes to such counseling, then what CAN they

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