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Fri Jun 26 10:54:23 EST 1998

>    In everyday language, "put up or shut up=A1I
That goes for you too!  That kind of arrogance is like the Nazis to
the Jewish scientists in WW II.  Ha! What's so important about you?
Being an American? =

He is taking himself too important, as do many here including myself,
and that is one of the points, Cheng, where I had the impression you
might be a bit ahead of some here.
And where after all I saw Frank might be disadvantaged by coming from
the USA because there the people I met in average had that mistake
more than in other places I was too, but that might be part of some
"greatest-and-best-nation-of-the-world thinking" that seemed to be
spread there in the time where Russia was still greatest, China had
most inhabitants, and many in the USA were not even fluent in one
single other language nor had seen and understood much of the
non-Western world.

However, though my internal sights might be mistaken, I recall once
reading a bit of Cheng's site and thinking that a lot there was wrong,
but as I did just read a little I might have gotten the wrong bits,
and of course I could be mistaken, too.

I believe we all have our theories, and when becoming too fanatic
maybe not discerning enough between theory and what is, Cheng, and in
that you should watch yourself and I myself to an extent, too, and
Frank should watch himself in not thinking that his branch is the only
one that can come up with any idea worth mentioning, and not expecting
that others from other branches are going to prove him stuff that has
been known for thousands of years, and also at some point maybe
contemplate to what extent inner and to what extent out development
are important for a person, and how much time to spend with which.
(By the way, Frank, that article about reading errors
("student/pupil") was interesting, liked it.)

Concerning Ron Hubbard and Cheng I do not think the according remark
was correct, concerning fanatically being into the mind some people
might not realize that if someone is though he might be mistaken in a
lot, some of what he finds out might be remarkable, and the errors
often intersting in themselves, too, and concerning Ron Hubbard
I would still appreciate if someone could tell me anything he knows
about THETA waves and areas of the brain to do with that, or at least
summon that up.

Ron Hubbard was mistaken in a lot, but for his time in some things he
was remarkably far, and he did some weird experiments about which I do
not know enough to really be sure that he might not have perceived
some things, that in some cases he might have very misinterpreted, but
to which there are some very fascinating aspects.

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