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jc jcd at evolvegroup.com
Sat Jun 27 19:13:02 EST 1998

>I am sure your German beats my English by far...

and I am sure it doesn't but I am not the one writing in German

>And when you become better in German and read some old authors that I
>have read as a teenager, where a sentence might extend easily over
>half a page,

hmmmm, lets see could frequent two page sentences by Hemmingway be
considered meandering?  The difference between a drawn out sentence and a
mind that is unfocused are very distinct.

>O.K., let's assume I am not content to have A-levels and to have done
>a bit of basic studies at some point, and I stop joints and LSD for 8
>weeks and wait for the "fog to clear out" and then should feel I ever
>so much suffer from ADD, then I guess I just go to some "counseling" and
then what?
>I get some nice drug not doing anything to the filter organs nor
>altering receptor-molecules in the brain nor in any other form bad /
>addictive  that is going to make the problem completely vanish?

You are assuming addictive, and are obviously not informed as to the effects
of most current medications with regards to their abilities to control
serotonin and their specificity when targeting serotonin neuro-receptors.

>Or they just go:"Igorrr, fetch the brrrain!" And then replace whatever
>should happen to be wrong in mine with areas of someone else?


>(And if I just want to have my brain restructured normally, as an LSD
>teacher I have reconfigured stuff in my brain and in others a little
>bit so often, that perhaps I have an idea or two about a bit of that,

although strange it is possible to effect the brain permanantly with LSD but
it is by affecting the HT2c neuro-receptor not by "reconfiguring" the brain.
By taking large and consistent amounts of LSD you can affect this
neuro-receptor which has been tied to psychoses, anxiety, and aggression.

>But seriously: If someone goes to such counseling, then what CAN they

Counseling for ADD is more designed to have a placebo effect, the mere act
of actively trying to change ones life, combined with the appropriate

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