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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jun 27 08:36:07 EST 1998

>Your indifference to and ignorance of other peoples' pain is
>appalling.  You probably have never visited a hospital burn center
>ward, or seen actual patients with neurodegenerative diseases, head
>trauma, or full spinal cord trauma. If you had, you would not be so
>quick to criticize scientists who are doing basic medical research in
>these areas to look for a cure. 

I criticize those causing people pain and ignoring that they are

>You are content to sit behind your computer, smug and self-righteous,
>and  ignorantly criticise those of us who actually do research.
I am sure that you know perfectly what the results of my research are
and what I am working on at the moment.
Amazing, I did not think I ever released more than a minute fraction. 
(Most of that to people I teach LSD personally.) 

As UCLA would be one of the last places on Earth where I'd release
results to, it amazes me, that you are so convinced that you are
knowing my results about what I have been researching.  ...I guess you
finally you got the bit about distance telepathy and advanced so
amazingly far in it you know that.

>It is apparent to me that you have little concept of the true reality of CNS
I am imressed that you seem to indicate that you know all about true
But you are right in that I know nearly nothing concerning all areas
in the back half of the head.
>Your argument makes no sense.
Try it, then it might make more sense.
When you try it longer you might even discover somthing concerning
"reliable" and different people.

> Under your suggested scientific research method, 
You might not have read well what I wrote, I did not discuss
scientific research methods, I was mentioning an alternative to
imprisoning, abusing, torturing and crippling people who did not
consent, and suggested to instead just make tests with those who
Which was a reply to your question how to test things.
>very little information would be of value because human
>perception is notoriously  unreliable. 
You do not seem to know many people well...
Maybe you have not tried it often enough.
I know enough people whose perception is notoriously reliable.
Some of them being valued by others for it.
And with the ones where it is unreliable it often just covers certain
areas, and if you know them better you might even come to know which
areas if you are good in observing and gathering and comparing data.
>And in cases where denervation, psychoses, and other disorders occur that impair either 
>peripheral or the central nervous system, 
...great distinguishing
>by definition these systems are impaired,
Intelligent sentence.
And with psychoses, depending on the form, I'd first need to know what
is impaired why.

...And I am sure the definition is also saying WHAT is impaired and
what IS still there...

>so how do you expect people to achive an accurate report of what is
>going on?
By asking enough people - or the right persons - and compare what they
are saying.

And concerning a psychosis your accurate referring to the changes in
the main emotion areas is astounding me,
sounds like your are truely good in understanding the base for
emotions and how they cooperate and how they can be altered.

With generalizing into peripheral and central nervous system and
generalizing into "psychoses" I do not believe that you will get far.

And you are evading the question what is giving one race the moral
background of abusing people of other races.

Prove to me that we are not in the limbic system, and if - as all
self-perceivers I met say - we are in the limbic system, prove to me
what is making your  I - areas  ever so much more worthy than those of
people of other races, and also how that would make you so special
that abusing them for your race is justified.

(And if intelligence is all that counts, than tell me why not abusing
mentally retarded people as well.)

And if you are trying to tell me that for what you name psychoses one
needs to torture or imprison other people you are at the wrong
address, you might forget that I am teaching LSD, and with that might
know a thing or two about what you call psychoses, even if maybe I am
not able to name thousands of subprograms in the two main emotion
generators of the brain with neat, scientific terms  that are hollowly
saying nothing about how you are getting someone crashing on LSD
balanced enough and feeling O.K. within 7-20 minutes, and sometimes
faster than that.
Maybe instead of ignoring what others tell you in your scientific
dreaming, you should listen closely to them with all your senses and
apply your logic maybe as a filter, but not discarding what they say
that might be wrong, but looking at if there are errors in what they
say, how came those errors are there.
 ...And you might be amazed how much some of the people making errors
in their thinking are able to tell about why they are having errors in
their thinking, and to your suprise might also find that the error
rate when listing why the errors are there might be consdiderably
lower than concerning certain other of their remarks...

As far as a psychosis goes and maybe quite some other things there
might be a lot you will never understand if you ignore what people are
telling about it.

And if I was a doctor and I had someone describing me something, I
would not ignore it, though I would not exclude with some people that
they are wanting to be ill for a mental reason and are working on
supporting it, but then it is also important to understand why,
because it belongs to curing them.

If you ignore self-perceiving and self-steering, you are ignoring some
of the vastest healing powers.

...And how much I feel or don't feel with others,
and how I feel compared to average people you are sure well able to
judge, ...

But there is a simple test: Tell me the two main areas in the brain
for compassion, and the differences between their forms of compassion.
That will help me to judge how much you understand about me, about
judging people, about compassion and about psychoses as such, as when
you do not understand their differences and their similarities, that
will tell me a lot about how apt you are to judge.
...And amazingly enough I know NONE of your branch knowing and truely
understanding the reply to that one, but I met enough of other
branches who would be able to tell me. And those come from different
countries and do not know each other.

(And just in case you do understand: Estimate the "time of origin" of
both areas, in that looking at the oldest "programs" you notice, too.
Look at Western development theories. Notice something?)

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